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Mentes Brillantes Online School is an online teaching and learning institution that brings the physical classroom to our students online.

Each classroom caters to a small number of students which enables the facilitator to have a one on one interaction with each student.

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Foundation Parent

“Mentes Brillantes Online School was a life saver for me and my family, literally! It came at the right time and they are delivering.  I actually saw my son getting excited about reading and reading with understanding, something I tried with little success to do in the past.  The teachers are dedicated to helping children be their best.  I am very pleased with how my son is doing!”

Foundation Parent

“Mentes Brillantes Online School has surpassed my expectations.  Their approach to online teaching is exceptional, as my daughter looks forward to logging on to class each day.  The teachers are very patient with the children. They take time to understand each child and thus will work with them at their learning pace.  I am frequently updated on the overall performance of my child and my feedback is always welcomed. The scheduling for classes are well organized and they try to make each lesson as practical as possible to ensure the children are learning.  All this is done in a fun and interactive environment.  I particularly look forward to the virtual events such as concerts and sports day, as students, teachers and parents are guaranteed to have tons of fun and laughter while getting better acquainted with each other.  My child is very happy and doing well academically and because of that I am grateful for the conception if this online school.”

Foundation Parent

“Mentes Brillantes Online School should be your choice for online school.  My son has moved from being a shy child to a very outspoken one.  If I’m to rate out of 10 it would surely be a 10!! The teachers are very interactive and patient individuals.  I would never believe online school could be so much fun!! When my son started out he couldn’t read. Within 6 months he is able to read on his own with little help from his teacher. Kudos to Auntie Sandia Whyte!!”

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