1. Infant Integrated Workbook Learning The Smart Way With Letters and Sounds by. L. Fearon and M. Mclean et al
  2. Infant Integrated studies workbook 2 (celebrating me, celebrations, plants, transportation, my community) by L. Fearon and M. McLean
  3. Let’s Read Together Reading and Comprehension by Bk 1 K2 J. E. White
  4. Infant Integrated Mathematics workbook. By L. Fearon and M. Mclean
  5. Learning Spanish The Smart Way Level 2 by. M. Mclean, L. Fearon and R. Blair
  6. Sugar Bee Basic Book Writing Readiness
  7. Age appropriate Story book
  8. Colouring book
  9. 3 Hardcover book
  10. Crayon
  11. Sargent Paint medium size paint brush
  12. School glue
  13. Pencils / sharpener/ Eraser/Marker
  14. Play Dough
  15. Construction Paper
  16. Electronic Writing Pad

*NB. It is preferred that each child has access to a desktop or laptop computer. A printer with scanner is also required.