Who We Are

Mentes Brillantes Online School is an online teaching and learning institution that brings the physical classroom to our students online. 

Each classroom caters to a small number of students which enables the facilitator to have a one on one interaction with each student.

We are a fully operational Online School that brings 21st century education to our students in the comfort of their homes.  In 2019 the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world’s scene.  This led to a worldwide panic especially on the part of parents with regards to the return of their children to physical school.   

My husband and I were suddenly face with a challenge, "what would we do with our children?" And that is how MENTES  BRILLANTES ONLINE SCHOOL was born.  The need to cater to our own children’s education and the desire to assist other parents who shared similar concerns about the effects of the Pandemic, motivated us to establish this noble institution. 


“Las buenas mentes analizan, mentes brillantes ejecutan – Good minds analyze, great minds execute!”


Mentes Brillantes is an online learning institution that endeavours to hone students into critical thinking, competent and self-motivated 21st century learners through well equipped, qualified, patient and dedicated educators. The institution caters to the students’ differing learning styles and multiple intelligence while fostering self-paced learning through a variety of modern, easy-to-use and flexible virtual platforms.


We strive to become the first choice for online schooling both nationally and internationally, as we harness current technology to provide exceptional educational services that imbue learners with the passion to strive for excellence as they prepare to become willing and competent contributors to the global market as 21st century learners.


Inclusiveness – we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.

Accessible – We are always available to offer support and assistance to our students and parents whenever the need may arise.

Participation – we value and recognise the contribution of volunteers within organisations and communities.

Quality – we strive for excellence through continuous improvement and support from all stakeholders.


Meet Our Team

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