1. Lets Learn Together – Our Island Jamaica Me and My World – K1 by J. E. White
  2. Lets Learn Together – Infant Phonics K1 (age 3) by J. E. White
  3. Lets Learn Together – Spanish K2 Level by J. E. White
  4. Infant Integrated Mathematics Workbook by M. Mclean and L. Fearon
  5. Getting Ready To Read Book 1 by M. Mclean and L. Fearon
  6. Infant Integrated Workbook All Around Us Shapes and Numerals by M. Mclean and L. Fearon
  7. Super Bee Basic Book Writing Readiness
  8. Age appropriate Story book
  9. Colouring book (Bold Pictures)
  10. 1 Hardcover book
  11. Jumbo Crayon
  12. Sargent Paint Jumbo size paint brush
  13. School glue/ Scrap Book
  14. Jumbo Pencils / sharpener/ Eraser/Marker
  15. Play Dough
  16. Construction Paper
  17. Jumbo Building Blocks
  18. Electronic Writing Pad

*NB: It is preferred that each child has access to a desktop or laptop computer. A printer with scanner is also required.